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CIELO Mousse Hair Color

Whether it is to refresh one’s image with a new hair color or to cover dreaded gray strands, CIELO Mousse helps you tackle the pressure of hectic schedules with a lustrous, crowning glory. Introducing a new innovative packaging for DIY hair color, CIELO Mousse allows busy professionals to look effortlessly well put-together with a simple touch of a button. Designed to be easy, quick and convenient, this little DIY hair color encased in an innovative pump bottle takes just twenty minutes to provide complete gray coverage and reinvigorate your appearance. Choose from ten available shades to suit any personality, style and career.


  • Simply Press for Easy & Quick Foam

    No mixing required, just press to dispense the creamy, non-drip mousse foam effortlessly.
    Application is easy, simply massage in with hands.

  • Smooth and Even Coloring Results

    Creamy foam penetrates easily into every single hair from roots to ends. Smooth and beautiful coverage even in hard-to-reach areas on the back of the head.

  • Natural Illuminating & Nourishing Ingredients

    Evening Primrose, Eucalyptus and Grape seed oils coat the hair surface to protect and restore shine.
    Marine Collagen and Aloe Vera Extract penetrate into hair shaft to moisturize and protect.

  • Smart Saving

    Just use the nesessary amount of cream and keep the remainder for future applications.